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to make check tests of the asphalt received on the Project site, and if the asphalt is not in accordance with the certified analysis, he may reject the material. The asphalt required by these Specifications shall conform to the requirements of The Asphalt Institute for the type and grade shown below: Asphalt for Seal Coating CRS-2 or CRS-2P


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Bituminous Type B3 Manufactured Sand 200 3/8" Same as bituminous Type B1 sand above #1 Concrete Sand 200 #4 mesh White, used in concrete block production; Primarily cubical shape #3 Concrete Sand 200 3/8" White, used in concrete block production; Primarily angular shape

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Each of these pavement types distributes load over the subgrade in a different fashion. Rigid pavement, because of PCCs high elastic modulus (stiffness), tends to distribute the load over a relatively wide area of subgrade (see Figure 1). The concrete slab itself supplies most

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Feb 11, 2019· The different types of asphalt: Nowadays, asphalt is widely used for the organization and repair of roads. Today, asphalt pavement is used not only on motorways, but it is also put on parking lots, square, sidewalks, residential driveways, etc. Ac

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Of the 88 race tracks listed for the NASCAR Short Track series, 66 are asphalt, 21 are dirt or clay, and 1 is concrete. Whether on the road, in a parking lot, or at an airport, asphalt pavements add up to the best value for the taxpayer dollar, with the lowest life cycle cost and the highest residual value.