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Oxidized Bitumen Production Process - Oxigil

In bitumen producing plant, bitumen 60/70 is usually got by blowing. In this case for making bitumen 90/15 or 85/25 distilled used oil or crude oil should be injected to the product according to the volume 20-25 % otherwise the fragility in bitumen lead to inferior production.

Modified Asphalt 101 | AMAP

Modification of asphalt emulsions; Polymer networks in asphalt emulsions; Impact on performance and performance parameters; Handling of Modified Asphalts. Recommended Plant Operations; Handling of Asphalt Binder at the Terminal; Handling of Asphalt Binder at the HMA Plant; Laydown of Modified Asphalt Concrete; Performance of Modified Asphalt Mixtures. Laboratory Studies; Field Studies;

Bitumen Emulsion Production Equipment.

Equipment for industrial producing of bitumen emulsion and modified bitumen for road construction and roofing. Bitumen emulsion plant model UVB-1 with production capacity 1 m3/hour is applied for production of small quantities of bitumen emulsion. Compact design of bitumen emulsion plant allows easy installation and space saving.