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The nouns asphalt, cement, and concrete all refer to materials used to create hard, often flat surfaces, but the terms are far from interchangeable. Pavement, meanwhile, is a general term for any hard surface, especially a road or sidewalk, meant to bear other three denote specific materials sometimes used to make pavement.

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Jun 10, 2017· Asphalt concrete term combine is used mostly in engineering and construction documents, in which concrete is defined as a composite material mixture of different minerals cumulative sticky with a binder. Sometimes it is also called asphalt cement which denotes the liquid asphalt portion of the mixture. Paving since the discovery of rock.

Differences Between Concrete and Asphalt Pavement

In contrast, rigid pavements are made up of portland cement concrete and may or may not have a base course between the pavement and subgrade. The essential difference between the two types of pavements, flexible and rigid, is the manner in which they distribute the load over the subgrade.

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Emulsified asphalt is most commonly used (or associated) with cold mix asphalt concrete. It is produced by emulsifying asphalt in water, usually with a soap/detergent. Evaluations of oxidation tend to focus on either asphalt cement binder or asphalt concrete, with asphalt cement-based studies being more prevalent.


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Concrete and asphalt pavements are not only made of different materials, but they also carry traffic loads in entirely different ways. This means that the thickness design procedures for concrete and asphalt pavements are also different. The structural number concept has, however, been used to estimate concrete and asphalt pavement sections.

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